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Thermal insulation coating

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Our GoTherm® water-based thermal insulation coatings are universal products made of components from leading Polish manufacturers.

The GoTherm® coating comes in two varieties, which are colloquially known as thermal insulation mass and thermal insulation paint. The mass version (thick product) has a consistency similar to putty and should be applied with a spatula/trowel, while the paint version (liquid product) has a consistency similar to emulsion paints, so it can be applied with a brush, roller or painting unit. 

Reflection outside
Izolacja budynku od strony zewnętrznej
Reflection inside
Izolacja budynku od strony wewnętrznej
Zabezpieczenie przed kondensacją, wykwitem pleśni i namnażaniem bakterii

GoTherm® is used to make both external and internal thermal insulation and a protective coating for building partitions, protection against burns from hot surfaces. It has fungicidal and bactericidal properties and prevents the precipitation of condensate at large temperature differences.

Application examples

  • rooms with insufficient thermal insulation.
  • rooms with high air humidity with a risk of mold and fungi appearance,
  • public utility facilities, such as hospitals, medical clinics and various types of surgeries,
  • historic buildings where, due to the complex shape of the façade, wool or polystyrene cannot be used,
  • partitions made of brick, plaster, concrete and elements made of wood,
  • elements of industrial installations.

Ecological and harmless

Our product is water-soluble, so it is friendly to people and the environment!

While the standards allow the maximum content of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in paints and varnishes at the level of 30 g / l (for internal use) or 130 g / l (for external use), GoTherm contains only trace amounts of them – 0.6 g / l!

Surface finish

When painting with thermal insulation paint (roller or paint gun), a structure is obtained, which results from the high content of glass microspheres in the product.

Achieving a smooth finish is possible only by spreading the thermal insulation mass (with a trowel or spatula), which, however, requires experience and skills in applying the plaster.


Both versions of GoTherm® come in white as standard, while the liquid product can be additionally colored in accordance with our basic color palette. We also dye the product in other colors from the NCS palette.

Technical Specifications

Packaging 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L (GoTherm paint®)
1L, 5L, 10L (GoTherm® mass)
Efficiency 1L per 1m2 for 1mm coating thickness
Czas schnięcia od 2 do 24 godzin
w zależności od temperatury otoczenia i wilgotności
Color White
The paint can be colored in accordance with the FCOM color palette
Application Construction, Industry
Indoor & Outdoor
Method of application brush, roller, paint aggregate (GoTherm® paint)
spatula (GoTherm® mass)
Maximum unit pressure 10 bar
Thermal conductivity coefficient 0.00053 W/(m*K)
Radiation Reflectance (TSR) 90%
Operating temperature -30°C to 180°C
Warranty period 5 years
  GoTherm® Paint GoTherm® mass
Packaging 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L 1L, 5L, 10L
Consumption 1L per 1m2 for a coating thickness of 1mm
Drying time 2 to 24 hours (depending on ambient temperature and humidity)
Color White, dyeing according to FCOM color palette White
Application Construction, Industry
Inside and out
Method of application brush, roller, paint sprayer trowel / putty knife
Maximum painting unit pressure 10 bar (145 Psi)
Thermal conductivity coefficient 0,00053 W/(m*K)
Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) 90%
Working temperature -30°C do 180°C
Guarantee period 5 years

Thermal insulation coating

More information

GoTherm® Seal

termoizolacyjna masa uszczelniająca GoTherm®

GoTherm® Seal is a mineral sealing compound in a cartridge that has been specially developed for the construction sector. It is distinguished by exceptional thermal insulation and protective properties. It is resistant to weather conditions, insulates thermal bridges, and effectively prevents condensation and the growth of mold. The GoTherm® Seal tube sealant is also highly flexible and has a slow aging process.

Unlike traditional acrylic and silicone masses, GoTherm® Seal is easy to paint over with decorative paint, so it will not stand out from the painted wall.

  • Protect thermal bridges – thanks to its thermal insulation properties, GoTherm® Seal effectively eliminates all thermal bridges.
  • Get rid of gaps and cracks – GoTherm® sealant, thanks to its high flexibility, allows you to fill gaps and mask existing cracks.
termoizolacyjna masa uszczelniająca GoTherm Seal


  • thermal insulation filling of expansion joints,
  • thermal insulation around windows and doors,
  • filling gaps and cavities in polystyrene boards,
  • thermal insulation and masking of mounting pins in polystyrene,
  • elimination of thermal bridges,
  • sealing of ventilation and air-conditioning ducts.

Simple and effective

Protecting thermal bridges, gaps and cracks with the GoTherm® Seal thermal insulation sealant is extremely easy and convenient!

Technical Specifications

Capacity 300ml
Consumption approx. 10 meters for a 5mm x 5mm joint
Color White
Application Filling gaps and cracks, thermal insulation sealing
Thermal conductivity coefficient 0,00053 W/(m*K)
Working temperature -30°C do 180°C
Guarantee period 5 years

Priming emulsion

Primer GoTherm® is a universal priming emulsion based on acrylic resin, which deeply penetrates the substrate, thus protecting weak and unstable surfaces and increasing their adhesion.

grunt 2L


The preparation is used for impregnation and strengthening of cement, cement-lime, gypsum, gypsum cardboard, etc.

GoTherm® primer is perfect both as a base for thermal insulation paints and any emulsion paints.


  • Deep penetration,
  • Reduction of paint consumption,
  • Lowering the absorbency of the surface,
  • Improve paint adhesion.


Priming should be carried out at the ambient and substrate temperature not lower than + 5°C. A roller or brush is used to apply the primer. The preparation should be used on a dry, dust, grease and dirt-free surface.

The primer is applied once, without diluting, to a dry substrate. In the case of unstable and very absorbent substrates, a second layer can be applied after 15 minutes.

Efficiency of the preparation is 4 – 20 m²/L depending on the absorbency of the surface.

Technical Specifications

Capacity 2L
Consumption 4-20m2/L (depending on surface absorbency)
Drying time 2 hours
Application Reduction of paint consumption, reduction of surface absorbency
Method of application brush, roller

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