Thermal insulation sealing compound – characteristics and application
10 Sep 2021 | Articles
The sealing compound has become the basic material used on many construction sites in Poland and around the world. There are several types of masses, one of them is the… more
How to protect the roof against heat?
11 Aug 2021 | Articles
The heat can be felt more and more often. In one of the previous articles, we covered a general topic about how somehow thermal insulation paint can help lower the… more
Wygraj farbę termoizolacyjną
22 Jul 2021 | Events
Od 21 lipca do 15 sierpnia trwa konkurs, w którym do wygrania jest 1 litr farby termoizolacyjnej GoTherm™. Co zrobić, aby wygrać? Wystarczy napisać nam, w jaki sposób użyjesz farby…. more
What does scientific research say about thermal insulation paint?
08 Jul 2021 | Articles
Did you know that thermal insulation paints are the subject of research by scientists around the world? They try to find out what properties such a coating has and how… more
A paint that will lower the temperature in your home and production hall
06 Jul 2021 | Articles
The first heat wave is behind us. If you believe the forecasts and climatologists, each year we will have more and more days with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees. In such… more
Everything you wanted to know about thermal insulation paints but were afraid to ask
06 Jul 2021 | Articles
Thermal insulation paint is a relatively new product on the market, but has already gained the favor of many professionals. You can use it instead of polystyrene, especially where it… more
What instead of polystyrene? Thermal insulation paint – how to choose it?
11 May 2021 | Articles
One of the most frequently used methods of insulating the walls of a building facade is the use of polystyrene. Although it has many advantages, it is not always possible… more
How to protect walls against mold and fungus? How can thermal insulation paint help?
29 Apr 2021 | Articles
They appear everywhere – in old houses, but also in new apartments. They attack slowly, often unnoticed. When we perceive them, we are scared, nervous and sometimes even helpless. What… more
Promocja na zakończenie 2020r. !!!
01 Dec 2020 | Events
Promocja! Uważamy, że rok 2020 należy zakończyć pozytywnym akcentem, więc do końca grudnia 2020r. na produkty AT Termo będzie obowiązywała promocja 10% rabatu na wszystkie produkty, serdecznie zapraszamy do odwiedzenia… more