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Thermal insulation coating

A unique product among insulating and protective materials, which works well both in the construction sector and in industry.

The AT Termo® thermal insulation coating combines the best of:

  • simple application – roller, brush or paint unit.
  • very good thermal insulation properties – 1mm layer corresponds to 10cm thick polystyrene
  • eco-friendly – water-based coating with low VOC content
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AT Termo®

in construction


AT Termo® is used to make both external and internal thermal insulation and protective coating in such facilities as:

  • rooms with high air humidity with a risk of mold and fungi appearance,
  • public utility facilities, hospitals, medical clinics and various types of offices,
  • historic buildings where, due to the complex shape of the façade, wool or polystyrene cannot be used,
  • any partitions made of brick, plaster or concrete

The product is ecological and safe for health, it allows to carry out works not only outdoors, but also indoors, while maintaining the basic principles of health and safety.

It is resistant to weather conditions and creates a friendly indoor climate.

It can be directly dyed in any color, or it can be applied to other products on the basis of an aqueous dispersion. The use of the AT Termo® material inside and outside the building allows you to maintain the volume of the room, enables insulation of facades with complex spatial architecture, improves thermal comfort in the rooms, and reduces expenditures for the duration of construction works.

The use of the coating in recreational facilities exposed to moisture, such as swimming pools or saunas, effectively eliminates the phenomenon of mold and fungus blooms, moreover, painted surfaces prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, E.coli coli or pneumonia bacilli.

AT Termo® is also used in thermal insulation of walls and various building partitions where the lack or insufficient amount of thermal insulation causes thermal bridges and, as a consequence, heat loss and often problems related to condensation of water vapor on such partitions.

AT Termo®

in industry

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AT Termo® is a coating that provides effective protection against frost penetration and surface water vapor condensation, and also solves the problem of thermal bridges. Recommended for insulation and protection of steel elements, such as:

  • hot and cold water pipelines,
  • sanitary fittings, valves
  • ventilation and air conditioning ducts, fittings and pipes,
  • roofing material,
  • tin garages,
  • shipping containers,
  • industrial installations, etc …

AT Termo® has high adhesion to metals without surface corrosion, and to most building materials. It is ecological and safe for health, which enables its use during outdoor and indoor works.

Our thermal insulation coating does not increase the load on the insulated structure and allows it to maintain its original size. AT Termo® coating, among others is used as thermal protection for electronics in specialized devices, where due to the small amount of available space, it is impossible to use traditional thermal insulation materials.

Technical Specifications

Packaging Canister (10L, 20L), Drum (200L), IBC (1000L)
Consumption 1L per 1m2 for a coating thickness of 1mm
Drying time from 2 to 24 hours
Color White, dyeing according to FCOM color palette
Application Industry, Construction
Inside and out
Method of application roller, brush, paint sprayer
Maximum painting unit pressure 120 bar (1740 Psi)
Thermal conductivity coefficient 0,00032 W/(m*K)
Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) 90 %
Working temperature -140°C do 220°C
Guarantee period 10 years

Thermal insulation coating

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