How to cool hot pipes. Thermal insulation coatings and occupational health and safety

Security and workplace hygiene are extremely important elements of contemporary enterprises, both industrial and service-oriented. When employing individuals, it is crucial to ensure that the risk of accidents and incidents is minimized in the place of performing daily tasks. Since greater attention has been paid to occupational health and safety (BHP), many hazards have been identified.

Jak ochłodzić gorące rury

Security and Workplace Hygiene – Why Is It Important?

Safe and hygienic work is significant for various reasons, both human and organizational. Here are a few of them:

  1. Protection of employees’ health – adhering to established principles helps minimize the risk of accidents and occupational diseases.
  2. Increases efficiency – employees who perform their professional duties in safe conditions are more focused on their tasks, resulting in better and more efficient work.
  3. Cost reduction – accidents and illnesses increase operating costs. The more incidents, the higher the insurance premium. Health problems among employees not only entail sick pay but also lead to increased turnover, which raises recruitment and HR service costs.
  4. Maintaining the company’s reputation – companies that prioritize BHP have a more positive reputation among employees, customers, and the local community.
  5. Compliance with legal standards – Polish law requires compliance with principles, and failure to do so can have legal consequences, including financial penalties. Nowadays, more and more companies establish their own safe work rules with even stricter standards. All to ensure employee protection and increase productivity.
  6. Moral responsibility – some also note that minimizing hazards is a moral issue. Employers are responsible for the well-being of employees, and BHP assists in this area.
  7. Improvement of organizational climate – the awareness that employers care about


It can be firmly stated that investing in safety and workplace hygiene is of great importance both for the well-being of employees and for the long-term success of the enterprise. It is an investment in human capital and company capital that brings benefits on many levels.

Thermal Insulation Paint in BHP Service

Thermal coatings are a type of thin-layer thermal insulation that can be used in both construction and industry, where they help improve working conditions. One of the most important aspects in which they help is protection against hot surfaces.

Hot Pipes

One of the hazards that can be encountered in production plants is high heat, for example in hot pipes with media (e.g., water, steam, oils, solvents). Improperly protected pipes can pose a danger to workers and the plant itself. This can be associated with:

  • burns,
  • accidents during maintenance,
  • health hazards due to prolonged exposure to heat (overheating, dehydration),
  • infrastructure damage,
  • increased fire risk,
  • negative impact on the environment.

This is why protecting hot pipes in industrial plants is crucial both from the perspective of worker safety and from the perspective of infrastructure and environmental protection.

Thermal Insulation Coatings and BHP

How to Cool Down Hot Pipes?

One solution is to use thermal insulation paint. This was demonstrated in research conducted, among others, under the supervision of Professor Andrzej Posmyk [1]. During these studies, participants assessed their sensations after contact with a metal cube containing water at different temperatures. What were the results of these studies? When the water temperature inside the cube painted with thermal insulation paint was 90 degrees Celsius, the participants could keep their hand on it for 30 minutes, and their only negative sensation was a slight tingling of the thumb.

Based on these studies, it was concluded that the use of thermal insulation paint can indeed improve safety and workplace hygiene conditions for individuals involved in, for example, maintenance of such installations. This is particularly important in places where it is difficult to apply insulation using other materials.

Where to Buy Thermal Insulation Coatings

Thermal insulation paint can be purchased in our online store. For protecting hot surfaces, we recommend purchasing AT Termo paint, which has the best properties and a 10-year warranty. If you need help calculating how much paint you will need, you can contact us or use the calculator.

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[1] Posmyk, A., Faruga M., (2020), Composite Coatings. Improving Safety During Heating Infrastructure Maintenance, Promotor, 34-38.