GoTherm® Seal

GoTherm® Seal thermal insulation sealing compound

Heat-insulating sealant in the cartridge

GoTherm® Sealis a mineral sealing compound in a cartridge that has been specially developed for the construction sector. It is distinguished by exceptional thermal insulation and protective properties. It is resistant to weather conditions, insulates thermal bridges, and effectively preventscondensation and the growth of mold. The GoTherm Seal tube sealant is also highly flexible and has a slow aging process.

Contrary to traditional acrylic and silicone masses, GoTherm Seal is easy to paint over with decorative paint, so it will not stand out against the background of a painted wall.

  • Protect thermal bridges – thanks to its thermal insulation properties, GoTherm Seal effectively eliminates all thermal bridges.
  • Get rid of gaps and cracks – GoTherm sealant, thanks to its high flexibility, allows you to fill gaps and mask existing cracks.
MG 41671

Application examples

  • thermo-insulating filling of expansion joints,
  • thermal insulation sealing around windows and doors,
  • filling gaps and defects in polystyrene boards,
  • thermal insulation and masking of mounting pins in polystyrene,
  • elimination of thermal bridges,
  • sealing of ventilation and air conditioning pipes.

Easy insulation of thermal bridges!

It is extremely easy and convenient to protect thermal bridges, gaps and cracks with the thermal insulation sealant in the GoTherm Seal tube:

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