Before buying

Our thermal insulation paints

There are two product lines in our assortment:

  • GoTherm® – universal product with thermal insulation, protective, fungicidal and bactericidal, anti-mold and anti-condensation properties.
  • AT Termo – designed for specialized applications and work in harsh conditions.
Linia produktów FCOM

The consistency of the products

Before buying, you should choose the method of application – it will depend on whether you will receive a product in the form of a thick mass or a product with a consistency similar to traditional paints:

Piktogram aplikacja pacą Farba Termoizolacyjna

Dense– in this version, the paint will have the consistency of a dense mass, which allows for application similar to gypsum finish, e.g. with a trowel / putty knife.

Liquid– in this version the paint will have a consistency suitable for application with a brush, rolleror a painting unit.

Remember, if you decide to choose our product, you can be sure of the stability of parameters, technical support and product documentation. We are a manufacturer and we guarantee the highest quality product.

We encourage you to use a free tool that will help you choose the right amount of product according to your needs – go to the calculator.

High-quality thermal insulation paint straight from the manufacturer