Effective water-based thermal insulation paint with versatile use

GoThermthermal insulation paint is a universal product, it works perfectly on internal walls and facades. It protects thermal bridges, effectively fights mold and fungi, and also protects hot surfaces.


An additional advantage is the possibility of applying it on such types of surfaces as:

  • concrete,
  • plasters,
  • metal,
  • wood,
  • plastic (except polyethylene).
Solar radiation reflection pictogram of Thermal Insulation Paint

It is resistant to weather conditions, creates a friendly indoor climate and reflects up to 90% of infrared solar radiation. By default, GoTherm is white, but it can be mass-colored in any color. Our thermal insulation paint does not increase the load of the insulated structure and allows to maintain its original dimensions.

Ecological GoTherm paint

The product is ecologicaland safefor health, it allows to carry out works not only outdoors, but also indoors, while maintaining the basic principles of health and safety. Provides high adhesion to virtually all known building materials.

Thermal insulation paint – application

Realizacja w obiekcie sakralnym

The use of GoTherm inside and outside the building allows to maintain the cubature of the room, enables the insulation of facades with a complex spatial architecture, improves thermal comfort in the rooms, and reduces expenditure on the duration of construction works.

Realizacja w Hotelu Gołębiewski

The use of the coating in recreational facilities exposed to moisture, such as swimming pools or saunas, effectively eliminates the phenomenon of mold and fungus blooms, moreover, painted surfaces prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria such as golden staphylococcus, E.coli colitis or pneumonia bacilli.

Realizacja w pomieszczeniu przemysłowym

GoTherm is also used in thermal insulation of walls and various building partitions, where the lack or insufficient amount of thermal insulation causes thermal bridges and, consequently, heat losses and often problems related to the condensation of water vapor on such partitions.

Advantages of the GoTherm thermal insulation coating

  • universal use,
  • improves thermal comfort inside the rooms,
  • protection against burns (health and safety),
  • easy application with a brush, roller, putty or painting unit,
  • low labor cost compared to traditional insulation,
  • low coating density, does not additionally burden the insulated structures,
  • the coating has fungicidal and bactericidal properties,
  • it is ecological, it is enough to use waterto dilute the coating and wash tools,
  • no aging effect of the material, which guarantees constant insulation parameters,
  • the possibility of quick and efficient repair in the event of point damage to the insulation made,
  • resistanceto UV rays and weather conditions,
  • eliminates thermal bridges and provides insulation parameters with the same values on the entire surface,
  • Polish product from a Polish manufacturer.


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