Find out about 4 interesting applications of GoTherm thermal insulation paints in industry.

Rotary dryers

Rotary dryers are industrial devices designed for drying a wide range of raw materials, including such as limestone, coal, sand, coke and slag.

Drying by combining the rotary motion of the machine and the stream of a mixture of exhaust gases and hot air is a very energy-consuming process. Due to the high energy demand, it is important to properly insulate the drum, which would otherwise give off large amounts of heat to the environment.

Covering the rotary dryer with the GoTherm coating turned out to be an extremely effective solution. The heat-insulating properties of the paint allowed for the maintenance of appropriate conditions inside the dryer, thus significantly reducing energy losses. An important advantage was the simple spray application, which ensured a trouble-free and quick modernization of the machine, which would not be possible with the use of traditional methods. Adhesion and stability of parameters were equally important aspects – in the case of GoTherm, the adhesion increases along with the heating of the coating, and the insulating properties remain unchanged regardless of the time!

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Heat nodes and pipes

Pipes transporting hot media are common in every enterprise and also require good thermal insulation. The heat radiating from the surface of the hot pipe is not only the cause of constant energy losses (and thus higher costs of heating the flowing medium), but also a very frequent cause of burns for employees in their vicinity!

Unfortunately, the attempt to insulate hot pipes with traditional methods such as lagging is usually difficult and expensive to implement. Often the reasons are cramped rooms or densely packed pipes, which make it impossible to use traditional insulation of sufficient thickness. Subsequently, such insulation makes the volume of an already cramped room even smaller, thus making it very difficult to move and to control the condition of the elements and their insulation.

The modern GoTherm insulation system is able to eliminate the problem of poor insulation of hot elements, while maintaining the cubature, transparency and aesthetics of the room. The coating can be applied by spraying or by hand, with a brush or roller, which ensures the comfort of work.

Izolacyjność powłoki GoTherm zapewnia bezpieczne środowisko pracy w warunkach stałego obciążenia temperaturą do 200°C, oraz krótkotrwałych wzrostów temperatury do 240°C. As you can see in the chart above, the 3mm GoTherm paint is able to lower the temperature on the surface of the hot pipe from 200.7°C to 104.3°C (a difference of 96.4°C!).

Realizacja izolacji rurociągu PEC
Realizacja izolacji rurociągu PEC
Realizacja izolacji rurociągu PEC
20181016 122844
20171221 135257
Zdjęcie termowizyjne z izolacji rurociagu
Realizacja izolacji rurociągu PEC
Summary of the temperature difference on a piece of steel pipe, after applying GoTherm
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Summary of the temperature difference on a piece of steel pipe, after applying GoTherm

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Cooling systems

Many industries, in addition to heat, also use cold to maintain their products or reduce the temperature of working elements. A good example is dairies that have traditionally used chilled water systems to maintain the right conditions for dairy products.

One of the problems of any cooling system is the precipitation of condensate on the surface of the element carrying the cold medium. Condensing moisture causes corrosion, surface degradation and is an environment suitable for bacterial growth.

Due to the ecological composition of GoTherm paint, it is successfully used even in dairy plants. Traditional insulation does not meet the requirements of this type of plant as it begins to absorb condensate over time. Then, in the middle of such isolation, microorganisms multiply and it can also start to fall off under its own weight.

The implementation in a dairy using a chilled water system confirmed the insulating properties of GoTherm paint. The layer of only 2mm allowed to reduce the temperature difference between the surface of the pipe with the cold medium and the surroundings, thus preventing condensation on the surface of the element and an increase in the temperature of the coolant.

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Industrial furnaces

Plant furnaces are places where the problem of insufficient insulation is clearly visible. Due to the need to maintain high temperatures on large devices and over a long period of time, each saving degree of temperature brings great financial benefits. In addition, the furnaces require constant maintenance and control, which means that workers in their vicinity have to work in very unfavorable conditions, similar to those prevailing in a sauna.

In one of our projects, in which we covered, inter alia, annealing furnaces, the GoTherm coating allowed both to significantly reduce the energy demand and to improve the comfort of work. At the beginning, the ambient temperature near the stoves was 80°C, but after applying our thermal insulation paint, it was possible to lower the temperature to about 40°C – which was extremely pleased both by the employees and the management 🙂

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20190625 125321
20190807 140656

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