Find out about 4 interesting applications of GoTherm thermal insulation paints in the construction industry.

Residential buildings and construction objects

Uninsulated or inadequately insulated external walls in a building cause freezing in winter and overheating of the building in summer. These problems lead to further complications in the form of moisture condensation, which causes stains or mold. Cleaning and drying such surfaces is only a temporary measure, not a solution to the problem.

By covering the wall of the house with GoThermpaint, we are able to reduce the temperature differences on both sides of the partition. Simple painting works allow you to reduce costs both in the cooling and heating seasons and completely eliminate the aforementioned problems. Due to the eco-friendliness of the GoThermcoating and its resistance to aging, we guarantee a healthy atmosphere for many years.

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Mobile containers that are very popular and quick to implement, which are used as gatehouses, offices and even apartments, are unfortunately extremely difficult to insulate. Summer heat and winter frost easily penetrate the thin walls of the containers, which incurs high heating and cooling costs.

The temperature inside the container on sunny days can reach up to 40°C, but thanks to the GoThermpaint with insulating properties and 90% radiation reflection, it was possible to significantly reduce the internal temperature by over 17°C.

Insulation with GoThermpaint allows not only to increase thermal comfort inside rooms, but also to save heating and cooling costs.

Implementation of container heating protection
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Historical and religious buildings

Due to its aesthetic and historical value, any renovation, conservation or restoration of monuments is very difficult, and thermal modernization or insulation with traditional methods such as polystyrene or wool is almost impossible.

GoThermpaint can be applied to surfaces of any shape, thus neither the volume of the monument nor its historical value will be reduced. A coating with a thickness of only 2 mm is able to complete the missing insulation, and thus not only increases thermal comfort, but also prevents problems such as condensation and mold bloom. In addition, thanks to the high flexibility of the coating, we can effectively protect external plasters against their degradation.

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Swimming pools and water parks

Facilities such as swimming pools and water parks, and above all those in which we can use the sauna, are constantly exposed to temperature changes and high humidity. It mainly leads to the degradation of the surface, the formation of stains and the efflorescence of mold and fungi.

Painting the sensitive places with GoThermpaint allowed for the final elimination of the cyclically recurring problem of mold and damaged walls, e.g. in the Aquapark of the Gołębiewski Hotel.

Realizacja w Hotelu Gołębiewski
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