Before buying

Our thermal insulation paints

There are two product lines in our assortment:
  • AT Termo – designed for specialized applications and work in harsh conditions. Depending on the application, two versions can be distinguished:
    • Basic – Designed for insulation of steel structure elements, hot and cold water pipelines and air conditioning systems.
    • Open – A product with high vapor permeability, it works well in the construction industry.
  • GoTherm™ – universally applicable, combining the functionality and properties of both versions of AT Termo.
FCOM product line
If you decide on one of the above versions, the next step before purchasing is choosing the method of application. This choice will determine whether you will receive a product in the form of a thick mass or a product with a consistency similar to traditional paints:
Pictogram application of Thermal Insulation Paint with a putty Pictogram spray application of Thermal Insulation Paint
Putty and aggregate– in this version, the paint will have the consistency of a mass, which allows for an application similar to gypsum plaster, and after appropriate dilution, it will also work well in application with a painting aggregate.
Pictogram application of Thermal Insulating Paint by roller Pictogram application of Thermal Insulating Paint brush
Roller and brush– if you decide to apply with a roller or brush, you will get the product in a liquid form, ready for use.

Additional tips when choosing thermal insulation paints

Nowadays, there are more and more products that promise a lot and, in fact, leave a lot to be desired. Below are a few tips that you should pay attention to when choosing a thermal insulation paint:
  • Check the product documentation, as the certificates always state the real manufacturer. If the product comes from abroad, pay special attention to the region from which it is imported. It is very important because the product is water-soluble and its improper transport may cause permanent damage and significant deterioration of quality. The availability and the method of considering possible complaints will also be important here.
  • Pay attention to the weight of the product – the greater it is, the smaller the content of microspheres, which are the key component of the product.
  • If the product description includes conversion factors such as “1 mm of the coating is equivalent to 10 cm of polystyrene“, you should exercise particular caution. You should ask the seller about the technical documentation that will confirm such “revelations”.
  • Paints with a low content of microspheres are characterized by the lambda parameter at the level 0,04 – 0,07 W/(m*K). Note that graphite polystyrene has a lambda of even 0,033 W/(m*K) which in practice means that 1mm of such paint is equivalent to 1mm of polystyrene.
Remember, if you decide to choose our product, you can be sure of the stability of parameters, technical support and product documentation. We are a manufacturer and we guarantee the highest quality product.