Thermal insulation coatings as an ecological solution for summer days. Reduce the cost of air conditioning by 10%

Late, as temperatures rise, many people seek effective ways to maintain a cool and comfortable interior in their homes. At the same time, we are increasingly paying attention to environmental protection and seeking ecological solutions. Fortunately, there is technology that combines these two needs — thermal insulation coatings. These products not only help maintain lower temperatures in buildings during the summer but are also environmentally friendly. In this article, we will take a closer look at the ecological benefits of thermal insulation paints and coatings in the context of summer days. Let’s find out how thermal coatings contribute to energy savings, CO2 emission reduction, and environmental protection while providing us with a comfortable climate in our homes.

Powłoki termoizolacyjne mogą obniżyć koszt klimatyzacji o 10 procent

Eco-friendly benefits of thermal insulation coatings

Thermal insulation paints and coatings not only help maintain a cool interior of the building during summer heat but also have a significant impact on reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and decreasing our carbon footprint. Traditional methods of thermal insulation, such as using insulation materials, may require a lot of energy and generate CO2 emissions during production. Additionally, recycling styrofoam is difficult, mainly because a large portion of it ends up in landfills.

Thermal coatings are often based on advanced technologies that utilize special thermal insulation additives, such as glass microspheres. Thanks to these components, paints can reflect a greater portion of solar radiation, leading to a reduction in the heating of the building’s surfaces and a decrease in the need for air conditioning.

Research confirms

One study on the effectiveness of thermal insulation paint was conducted in very warm conditions – in Algeria. The results of this analysis indicate that thermal coating has a significant impact on reducing the temperature on the exterior surface of the building during hot summer days, which translates into a decrease in the interior temperature of the building. According to scientists’ estimates, the use of thermal insulation paint can result in reducing energy costs for cooling by up to nearly 10%, and consequently, the environmental costs associated with the production of this energy, which in Poland comes largely from coal.

Thermal insulation coatings for the climate!

By reducing energy consumption for air conditioning and cooling, thermal insulation paints contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. This means that their use not only has a beneficial effect on our wallets but also on the natural environment. Reducing CO2 emissions is particularly important in the context of climate change and global warming, which is why thermal insulation paints represent an ecological solution that we can use in our homes and businesses.

FCOM — an environmentally friendly company

As a manufacturer of thermal insulation coatings, we strive to be environmentally friendly. That’s why we participate in various initiatives, which you can read about, for example, here. Taking care of the environment motivates us to continue our work because we know that Earth requires good treatment. We are also pleased that our products contribute to a more “green” and comfortable life.

GoThermⓇ – a top-notch coating

If you are looking for a climate-friendly solution, opt for GoThermⓇ coatings. Here’s why:

  • They have universal applications (you can use them on plaster, wood, metal, plastics).
  • They are easy to apply using a brush, roller, sprayer (for paint) or trowel (for thermal insulation compound).
  • They are safe for health – they have extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds.
  • They also help in winter – they retain heat in the house for longer.
  • They reflect up to 90% of solar radiation.
  • The paints are available in 24 colors.
  • They have great reviews – check them out here.
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Through thermal insulation paints, we have the chance to strengthen our efforts to protect the climate. Their use allows us not only to enjoy a comfortable and energy-efficient interior during summer heat but also contributes to the global effort to reduce CO2 emissions. Choosing thermal insulation paints is a step towards a more ecological and sustainable environment.

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