GoTherm® Seal

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GoTherm® Seal


A water-dilutable and elastic mineral sealing compound with exceptional thermal insulation and protective properties, designed to fill cavities and gaps, cracks and thermal bridges.

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GoTherm Seal Tube

How to remove a thermal bridge?

GoTherm® Seal is a mineral sealing compound in a cartridge that has been specially developed for the construction sector. It is distinguished by exceptional thermal insulation and protective properties. It is resistant to weather conditions, insulatesthermal bridges, and effectively prevents condensation and the growth of mold. The GoTherm® Seal tube sealant is also highly flexible and has a slow aging process.

MG 41671

Application example

  • heat-insulating filler of expansion joints
  • thermal insulation sealing around windows and doors,
  • filling gaps and defects in polystyrene boards,
  • thermal insulation and masking of mounting pins in polystyrene,
  • insulation of thermal bridges,
  • sealing of ventilation and air conditioning pipes.


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