GoTherm® starter set



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GoTherm® starter set


A starter set containing everything necessary to test GoTherm paint or thermal insulation mass.


Who is the starter set for?

If you hesitate to buy and do not know:

  • can you handle the application?
  • what will be the surface structure?
  • how does GoTherm® work?

The set will allow you to test and find out about the effectiveness of GoTherm®.

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Paint starter set:

  • Thermal insulation paint GoTherm 250ml
  • GoTherm primer 250ml
  • Nylon paint roller, 10cm wide, 6mm bristles,
  • Roller handle
  • Painter’s cuvette
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Mass starter pack:

  • Thermal insulation paint GoTherm 250ml
  • GoTherm primer 250ml
  • Putty
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What is a thermal insulation compound?

The GoTherm® thermal insulation mass produced by us is used to make both external and internal thermal insulation and a protective coating of building partitions, protection against burns from hot surfaces. It has fungicidal and bactericidal properties and prevents the precipitation of condensateat large temperature differences.

Implementation in a sacred facility

GoTherm® is…

  • Polish product from a Polish manufacturer,
  • ecologicalwater-based product,
  • durable and 100% protection of surfaces exposed to mold,
  • solar radiation reflection (TSR over 90%),
  • fungicidaland bactericidalprotection,
  • thin-layer thermal insulation,
  • preventing the precipitation of condensate,
  • protection of hot surfaces (health and safety protection).

Take care of your health with GoTherm®

Our product is water-soluble, so it is safe to people and the environment!

While the standards allow a maximum VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content in paints and varnishes to be 30 g/l, GoThermonly contains trace amounts0.6 g / l!


Application examples

  • rooms with insufficient thermal insulation.
  • rooms with high air humidity with a risk of mold and fungi appearance,
  • public utility facilities, such as hospitals, medical clinics and various types of offices,
  • historic buildings where, due to the complex shape of the façade, wool or polystyrene cannot be used,
  • partitionsmade of brick, plaster, concrete and elements made of wood,
  • elements of industrial installations.
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Application methods

Depending on the preferred method of application, the product is available in two variants, respectively for:

  • application with a sponge roller, brush or painting unit
    (liquid version (thermal insulation paint) available in 1L, 5L, 10L packages)
  • application with a trowel or putty knife
    (the dense version (thermal insulation mass) is available in 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L packages)


Depending on the application, the consumption is 0.5 – 3.0 liters of the product per 1m2.

  • radiation reflection – total layer thickness min. 0.5 mm (0.5 l / m2), 0,5 mm (0,5 l/m2),
  • mold and fungi on the walls – total layer thickness min. 1 mm (1 l / m2), 1 mm (1 l/m2),
  • water vapor condensation – total layer thickness min. 1.5 mm (1 l / m2), 1,5 mm (1 l/m2),
  • thermal insulation – total layer thickness min. 1-3 mm (1-3 l / m2), 1-3 mm (1-3 l/m2),
  • hot surface (e.g. pipe) – total layer thickness 1.5-3 mm (1.5-3 l / m2).


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