Base with nano silver


Professional primerrecommended for use before applying thermal insulation coatings of the GoTherm® and AT Termo® series has been specially developed to ensure perfect results.


podklad 2L

Thanks to its unique formula, enriched with silver nanoparticles, this product not only improves the coverage of intense colors, but also strengthens the surface’s resistance to harmful bacteria and fungi.

This primer also has the function of protecting weak and unstable substrates, while at the same time increasing the adhesion of paints and thermal insulation compounds. It is an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor applications, because it can be applied to various substrates, such as cement, cement-lime, gypsum, plasterboard, and others.

Thanks to this preparation, work related to the application of thermal insulation coatings becomes more effective and durable, ensuring protection and thermal insulation for many years.


Application should be carried out at ambient and substrate temperatures not lower than +5°C. To apply the primer, a roller or brush is used on a dry, dust-, grease- and dirt-free substrate. It is recommended to apply the product twice, without diluting it, with a 2-hour drying time between layers.

Technical Specifications

Capacity 2L, 5L
Performance 10m2/L (depending on the absorbency of the surface)
Drying time 2 hours
Application Improves the coverage of intense colors,
increases the surface resistance against bacteria and fungi
Tool brush, roller

Additional information

Weight N/A

2 liters, 5 liters

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