How does thermal insulation paint work?

Thermal insulating paint is a specialized product with thermal insulation properties. The properties of the paint are related to the ability to reflect solar radiation. And all thanks to the so-called. glass microspheres that are part of the paint. In the microspheres there is a negative pressure similar to a vacuum, which also increases the resistance to heat. Styrofoam boards work on a similar principle, but on a macro scale. And in the case of thermal insulation paint, it is enough to paint with a layer of 0.5 mm to notice the effect.

What are the properties of GoTherm® thermal insulation paint?

  1. Thermal insulating paint eliminates condensation, which means that it does not allow water vapor to condense on the painted surface. And this, in turn, prevents surface degradation and heat loss.
  2. It stops the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria on the walls. Want to know how? Read the article here.
  3. It reflects solar radiation in over 90%, thanks to which the temperature in buildings and halls painted with paint is lower.
  4. Protects hot surfaces – insulates hot pipes, thus reducing the risk of burns.

What’s more, the properties of the thermal insulation paint remain unchanged over time – the paint guarantees constant insulation parameters.

More about the properties of the paint can be found here.

What surfaces can thermal insulation paint be used on?

The insulating coating can be used on:

  • concrete,
  • plaster,
  • metal,
  • wood,
  • plastics (except polyethylene)

What application methods can be used?

The paint can be applied with a roller, brush, spatula or with a painting unit. Depending on the method of application, the paint has a different consistency.

Where to buy paint?

You can buy GoTherm® thermal insulation paint in our online store.

We are a Polish paint manufacturer. We guarantee fast delivery times.

Where can I get more information?

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