Primer GoTherm®

Primer GoTherm® is a universal priming emulsion based on acrylic resin, which deeply penetrates the substrate, thus protecting weak and unstable surfaces and increasing their adhesion.



The preparation is used for impregnation and strengthening of cement, cement-lime, gypsum, gypsum cardboard, etc.

GoTherm® primer is perfect both as a base for thermal insulation paints and any emulsion paints.


  • Deep penetration,
  • Reduction of paint consumption,
  • Lowering the absorbency of the surface,
  • Improve paint adhesion.


Priming should be carried out at the ambient and substrate temperature not lower than + 5°C. A roller or brush is used to apply the primer. The preparation should be used on a dry, dust, grease and dirt-free surface.

The primer is applied once, without diluting, to a dry substrate. In the case of unstable and very absorbent substrates, a second layer can be applied after 15 minutes.

The preparation efficiency is 20m²/liter, depending on the absorbency of the surface.

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