What instead of polystyrene? Thermal insulation paint – how to choose it?

One of the most frequently used methods of insulating the walls of a building facade is the use of polystyrene. Although it has many advantages, it is not always possible to put it on the wall. Is there any other solution? Yes! It is, for example, a thermal insulation paint. In the article, we will write a few words about the paint, we will answer the question whether it can be used together with polystyrene and what types of paints are available. We invite you to read.

What is a thermal insulation coating?

Thermal insulation paint is a specialist product with thermal insulation properties. Its properties are related to the ability to reflect thermal radiation, which is why they are also called reflective paints or coatings. The component that allows to do this are the so-called glass microspheres. They have a negative pressure similar to a vacuum, which increases the thermal resistance. You can find a detailed description of our paints here.

When to use thermal insulation paint?

Below we present three situations in which thermal insulation paint is often used as thermal insulation.

1. Can I use thermal insulation paint instead of polystyrene? It is possible, although it is much better to use polystyrene together with a heat-insulating coating. What will it do? First of all, it will allow the use of polystyrene with a lower thickness, which will affect the costs of purchase and assembly.

2. There are many buildings where polystyrene cannot be used. We are talking here about, for example, buildings entered in the heritage registers. Many conservators of monuments do not agree to thermal insulation with the use of polystyrene boards. However, there is a way. A thermal insulation paint is an ideal solution. It does not interfere with the appearance of the building and adds a solid insulation layer.

3. When we want to insulate inside. It may happen that we want to insulate the room from the inside. For example, when we don’t want to destroy the current facade. Of course, placing polystyrene from the inside is possible, but it will make the insulated room simply smaller. In such a situation, it is much better to use thermal insulation paint, which has similar properties, and at the same time does not affect the volume of the room.

These are not the only places where thermal insulation paints can be used. Reflective coatings can protect against burns (e.g. insulation of hot pipes or boilers in industrial plants) or help fight fungus and mold.

What paint can replace polystyrene?

One of the paints we produce is great for replacing or helping polystyrene in thermal insulation. That is GoTherm®. It can be used on various surfaces such as concrete, plasters, metals, wood and even plastics (excluding polyethylene). GoTherm ™ thermal insulation paint is resistant to weather conditions and reflects up to 90% of infrared solar radiation. After opening the can, you will see that the coating is white, but can be tinted any color you want. Importantly, the paint can be used both outside and inside the building.

GoTherm thermal insulation paint
The GoTherm family of thermal insulation paints

It is worth emphasizing that the product is ecological and safe for health. In addition, the thermal insulation paint is also prepared for various application methods. And so, paint in the form of a thick mass can be spread like gypsum plaster, and its proper dilution allows the use of a painting unit. Of course, there is also a version similar in consistency to traditional paints, which is perfect for applying it with a roller and / or brush.

In the case of deeper cracks and cavities, it is worth strengthening the insulation with a sealing compound in a cartridge, designed especially for the construction industry – GoTherm™ Seal. It is resistant to weather conditions and effectively insulates thermal bridges. The mass can be used for filling expansion gaps, sealing around windows and doors or thermal insulation and masking mounting pins in polystyrene.

We invite you – buy a thermal insulation paint

You can buy GoTherm™ paint and sealing insulation quickly and easily in our online store. Remember to choose the right paint capacity and the method you intend to apply it. If you do not know how much paint you need for your room, just send us the dimensions of the room or rooms, and we will calculate the size of the can you should choose. You can write to biuro@fcom.pro.

Novelty! Our thermal insulation paints can also be purchased through Allegro, click here to go to our store on this website.

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