Thermal insulation sealing compound – characteristics and application

The sealing compound has become the basic material used on many construction sites in Poland and around the world. There are several types of masses, one of them is the one with thermal insulation properties (for example GoTherm® Seal). Let’s take a look at its properties and the places where such mass can be used.

Thermal insulation sealing compound – properties

The feature that distinguishes this mass from others is its unique thermal insulation properties and above-average protective properties. These properties are created in the mass due to its composition, and more precisely due to the addition of ceramic microspheres to it. As in the case of thermal insulation paint, the microspheres create vacuum-like spaces inside the mass that effectively isolate the heat flow.

Another important advantage of the thermal insulation sealing compound GoTherm® Seal is its high resistance to weather conditions and the slow aging process of the mass. This means that it is durable and can be used both inside and outside buildings.

Moreover, as in the case of thermal insulation paints from the GoTherm® series, the sealing compound prevents condensation and has an effective anti-mold effect. It is worth emphasizing here that such properties are not available for every sealing product.

What else distinguishes the GoTherm® Seal mass is the fact that it can be easily and quickly painted over with decorative paint, so you will not be able to see where it has been applied. Many masses, for example acrylic or silicone, leave marks that often need to be additionally painted.

Thermal insulation sealing compound – application

GoTherm® Seal is primarily used to get rid of thermal bridges. Why don’t we want to have thermal bridges on buildings? Because thanks to them, objects lose heat and increase heating bills. But thermal bridges can also cause the appearance of fungus and mold, especially when, in addition to poor air circulation in the room, there is also moisture on the wall. Where can such thermal bridges appear, and therefore where is it worth using a heat-insulating sealing compound? These are, for example, the connection of the ceiling or roof with the external wall, the place where the balcony is connected to the ceiling, around the windows and doors. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the vicinity of the chimneys and the walls of the basement.

Thermal insulation sealing compound is also a great way to get rid of gaps and cracks that occur, for example, during the stabilization of a building on the ground and its subsidence (we commonly refer to a working building). We most often encounter this phenomenon in new buildings and apartments. Thanks to its high flexibility, the GoTherm® Seal mass allows filling and masking such gaps. It can also be used on cavities that have arisen in polystyrene boards in order to maintain their thermal properties, without the need for costly renovation.

What’s more, GoTherm® Seal is also suitable for filling expansion joints, i.e. those small spaces next to the walls of a building that prevent the building from shrinking and expanding due to temperature.

Where else to use the thermal insulation sealant? For example, for sealing ventilation and air conditioning ducts, for thermal insulation and masking mounting pins in polystyrene, and wherever sealing is required.

GoTherm Seal thermal insulation sealing compound


The heat-insulating sealing compound is certainly a product that is worth using on the construction site. It perfectly insulates thermal bridges, has protective properties and is resistant to time and weather conditions. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be used in many places and on many surfaces. It is easy to paint and leaves no visible traces after applying paint on it.

Where to buy a sealing compound?

The thermal insulation sealing compound GoTherm® Seal can be purchased in our online store or at on Allegro. The mass is sold in a cartridge (tube). It is a ready-to-use product. In order to precisely apply the mass to the selected place, you will need a squeezer, the same as used for silicone.

Do you want to know more?

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GoTherm Seal thermo-insulating sealing compound - application and properties

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