How to protect the roof against heat?

The heat can be felt more and more often. In one of the previous articles, we covered a general topic about how somehow thermal insulation paint can help lower the temperature (read: Paint that will lower the temperature in your home and production hall). In this article, we will explain how the roof should be protected against heat with the use of a thermal insulation coating.

Roof protection against heat – basics

Good roof insulation is an investment and this is how you should perceive every single penny spent for this purpose. What are the basic methods of securing the roof against excessive or escaping heat. One of the most popular methods used in Poland is mineral wool. It has good thermal properties and is quite flexible. Another, quite popular solution is polystyrene, a classic of insulation. As it turns out, it is also suitable for insulating roofs. It is a more economical solution compared to mineral wool. However, it should be remembered that polystyrene is less flexible, so you need to ensure the appropriate quality and parameters of this material. Popular methods of roof insulation also use cellulose, which is blown under pressure, and polyurethane foam (PUR), which is applied with a special gun. The last two methods are well suited to insulating the roof during renovation or to repair poorly made insulation. Why? Because they can be applied through special, small holes.

protecting the roof against heat

What else can you protect the roof from the sun and heat?

Thermal insulation paint is a less known method of roof insulation. What is this? Thermal insulation paint is a special coating containing glass microspheres that work on a similar principle to polystyrene, but on a much smaller scale. This does not mean that the properties of the paint are less – quite the contrary. Research has shown that 1 mm of thermal insulation paint equals even 2.5 cm of polystyrene.

Moreover, the research carried out at the Institute for Engineering of Polymer Materials and Dyes in Gliwice showed that the solar radiation reflection coefficient TSR for our thermal insulation paint exceeds 90%. Thanks to this, you can compare the effect of the thermal insulation paint to the shield, which helps to reduce the negative thermal effects.

When to use thermal insulation paint on the roof?

First of all, when there are no other options or when the renovation of the entire roof is impossible or when the use of the basic methods described above is out of the question. First of all, when there are no other options or when the renovation of the entire roof is impossible or when the use of the basic methods described above is out of the question. Applying paint is simple and can be done very quickly. And the insulating properties are felt almost immediately after application. Moreover, such a coating works the entire time it is applied – this means that it does not lose its properties over time.

What else is worth knowing about thermal insulation paint?

In addition to insulating and light reflecting parameters, the coating also has antifungal and anti-mold properties as well as antibacterial (read more about thermal insulation paints here).

In addition, our coating is ecological – only water is needed to dilute it or wash tools. The paint is also completely safe – it can be used inside and outside buildings.

What paint to buy and where?

We recommend GoTherm® thermal insulation paint, which you can buy in our online store. You can buy 1 liter paint to test the insulating properties yourself. However, for painting large surfaces, we recommend paints with a larger capacity – even 20 liters. What else do I need to know before buying? It is certainly worth knowing in advance what the method of applying the paint will be. We offer two versions of the paint. Thicker to be applied with a trowel or with an aggregate and less frequent to apply with a roller or brush.

You can also buy our paint at our auctions on Allegro. If you have questions about paint or want to know more, please contact us! Write to us at the following e-mail address:

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