Everything you wanted to know about thermal insulation paints but were afraid to ask

Thermal insulation paint is a relatively new product on the market, but has already gained the favor of many professionals. You can use it instead of polystyrene, especially where it cannot be placed (more on this topic here). Did you know that 1 mm of thermal insulation paint corresponds to 2 cm of polystyrene !? Thermofarba is also used in industrial plants and for protecting pipes, e.g. with hot water.

Would you like to know more about the insulating coating? What surfaces can it be used on, what are its properties? Do you know which tools are best to apply it? You can learn all of this in our article.

Thermal insulation paint – what is it?

Thermal insulation paint creates a layer that insulates heat and reflects solar radiation. The paint consists of microspheres in which there is a negative pressure similar to that in a vacuum. And this increases the heat resistance. It is worth emphasizing that a small layer of paint is enough to notice its effects. And so, painting the hall with a layer of only 0.5 mm will start to reflect sunlight from it, effectively reducing the heating of the interior. Slightly thicker layers need to be applied to counteract mold and fungus on the wall (1 mm of paint). Natomiast, aby izolować gorące powierzchnie, na przykład rur w zakładach produkcyjnych, wystarczy warstwa 1,3 mm farby.

GoTherm thermal insulation paints

What surfaces is the thermal insulation paint suitable for?

The paint can be used on virtually any surface. Perfect for concrete and plaster to insulate building walls. You can easily paint metal elements with it, thanks to which they will not heat up too much. This feature is especially useful in factories where you can isolate hot surfaces and increase safety of employees.

Insulation in the form of paint can also be used on wood and plastics (except for polyethylene).

Thermal insulation paint – application methods

Insulating coatings are easy to apply. For example, GoTherm™ can be applied with a roller or brush. You can also use a putty or a painting unit. In the first case, the consistency of the paint is thinner than in the second. Therefore, it is important to know what application method you will be using when purchasing.

Thermal insulation paints and their properties

Thermal insulation paints have several properties that make them perfect for construction work.

First of all, insulating layers prevent water condensation on painted surfaces. Thanks to this, the wall painted with it retains its structure for longer and protects it against heat loss.

Secondly, it turns out that thermal insulation paints stops the bloom of mold and fungus on the walls, and also eliminate bacteria that can appear on various surfaces. This property, of course, is related to the one discussed previously. Due to the fact that the walls are dry, fungus and mold cannot grow on it. More about the prophylactic properties of the thermocouple here.

Thirdly, insulating paints reflect as much as 90% of sunlight, reducing the temperature in halls and other buildings painted with it.

Fourth – it insulates hot surfaces, thus reducing the risk of burns.

It is also worth emphasizing that the properties of the paint remain the same over time, which means that the paint has constant insulating parameters!

What else is worth knowing about thermal insulation paint?

One millimeter coating dries for about 24 hours at a temperature of 20 degrees. A little longer if the temperature is lower. It is also worth remembering that a single layer of paint should not be more than 1 mm. This guarantees its best properties. An additional layer can be applied after the first one has dried.

The paint is white, but can be tinted any color. After drying, you can also put another layer of any paint on it.

Is paint for me? How much paint to buy?

Feel free to report these questions to our e-mail address: biuro@fcom.pro.

We will be happy to advise you how much paint to buy for a given surface and using a given application method.

Buy paint for a test

If you think that the paint can work in your case, we encourage you to buy in our online store. The paint can be purchased in containers with a volume of 1 to 20 liters.

As a paint producer, we provide high quality, consistent parameters, technical support and, above all, product documentation.

Thermal insulation paints - application, properties, application methods

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